Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week, Daily Post asks to share a picture that says Unique to me.

Unique for me means the feeling of freedom that gives me ride with the bike…

Citing Robert Pirsig, “In a car you’re always in a compartment, and because you’re used to it you don’t realize that through that car window everything you see is just more TV. You’re a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame. 

On a cycle the frame is gone. You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.

It’s definetly true !

Then, when you’re riding load of luggage, people is more available to you …
Children look me from inside cars, greet me and when I answer them, dreaming already tomorrow to be a biker …
And it’s nice to get lost in my own thoughts, listening to the rain “knocks” on my helmet, washing  the soul…



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