Bridges to go forward ! (weekly photo and travel theme challenge)

In life happen to cross many bridges, not only those built … 

So what better than immaginary and real means to go forward ? 

Ailsa  was inspired by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the bridges that I crave to cross sooner or later, for a new challenge in “Wheresmybackpack”.

Well, waiting to cross Golden Gate me too, here some bridge that I met under my feet and my tyres.

In Italy we have the city with probably the largest number of bridges and also the most  historical bridges : Venice !

The most famous is certainly the “Ponte dei Sospiri” (Bridge of Sighs), but Venice is full of little bridges that smell of its glorious history .


Another particular bridge in Italy is in Comacchio…



A characteristic rope bridge I’ve crossed waving is Carrick a Rede in Northern Ireland 

Carrick a Rede

Carrick a Rede

Last but not least, two modern bridges: the Poseidon Bridge of Patrai in Greece and the bridge that introduce us at Dubrovnik

15 thoughts on “Bridges to go forward ! (weekly photo and travel theme challenge)

  1. Una di queste foto mi ricorda tantissimo un luogo che vedo spesso 🙂

    Non sono sparita Max, ma purtroppo questo per me è un periodo terribile e non ho un attimo libero, di conseguenza trascuro i blog e gli amici piacevolissimi come te. Appena possibile tornerò a frequentare come prima!!
    Ciao, Pat

  2. Thank you Ann Christine. Comacchio is little nice town in Emilia, on Adriatic sea. Next to Ravenna, Unesco Heritage for Mosaic.
    Here you can see a little report and at the end, a link to other photos…

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  4. Some lovely images, Max. I’ve never seen that impressive-looking second Italian bridge, and the Dubrovnik one seems so out of context with the city. Great choices!

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