ABFriday Week 39 – One Photo Focus

This week, in the Visual Venturing ABFriday Challenge, we submit a postprocessed image of a jpeg by Loré Dombaj of Snow’s Fissures and Fractures .

So, as usual in Italy, I show the “Before” image…

 Cropped in 1×1, I made some regulation: less lights, more shadows and increase clarity


After this, in Color Efex, made a formula with cross processing, dark contrast and cross balance…

and here the “after”…

 Please, visit Stacy’s blog to see the other participant’s entries for this challenge


13 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 39 – One Photo Focus

  1. Ma che bella!!! Bravissimo Max
    Eh si, ultimamente ci si incrocia poco. Ammetto che è un periodo di svogliatezza, troppe cose mi impegnano e alla sera sono stanchissima, quindi
    sto trascurando un po’ blog e amici vari. Chiedo venia 🙂
    Abbi un sereno fine settimana carissimo.
    Ciao, Pat

  2. Max, I really like the square crop that you (and a few others) chose for Loré’s image! It helped to get rid of the distracting background in a nice way. I’m a huge fan of Color Efex Pro but have never used the cross processing or cross balance – your “recipe” brought out a lot of lovely textures and tones. I’ll have to experiment with those filters 🙂

  3. Max – it turned out lovely! I like how your changes darkened up the tables and the cherub and really brought out the textures. I don’t use Color Efex, so I’m not quite sure what you did there, but the end result was well worth it.


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